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Price from: 58.32 $
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The EP4CE10F17C8N and EP4CE10F17I7N are advanced BGA256 FPGAIC (Field-Programmable Gate Array Integrated Circuits) designed for high-performance applications. These FPGAICs offer an extensive range of features and capabilities, making them ideal for various industries including telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

With their BGA256 package, these FPGAICs provide a compact and reliable solution for complex digital systems. The EP4CE10F17C8N and EP4CE10F17I7N offer 10,320 logic elements, allowing for the implementation of intricate designs and algorithms. These FPGAICs also come equipped with 288 embedded memory blocks, enabling efficient data storage and retrieval.

In addition to their impressive performance, the EP4CE10F17C8N and EP4CE10F17I7N offer advanced connectivity options. They feature up to 179 I/O pins, allowing for seamless integration with other components and peripherals. The FPGAICs also support various communication protocols such as USB, Ethernet, and SPI, enabling easy interfacing with external devices. With their robust architecture and versatile features, the EP4CE10F17C8N and EP4CE10F17I7N are the perfect choice for demanding applications that require high-speed data processing and flexible connectivity.

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